Parent Reviews

My children were at the Blue Skies and Butterflies for two years

By:  BOBBYSUE99    07/15/2013

My children were at the Blue Skies and Butterflies Beaverton location for over two years until our youngest graduated to first grade this past June. I have to tell you that I really loved it at BSB and my husband and I both had a nice experience. If you are looking for a place to take your children that has beautiful grounds in a quiet neighborhood then you need to give them a chance. The teachers here seem to really care and our children were very happy the entire time they were there. This is a really nice preschool and I highly recommend them.


I would recommend Blue Skies and Butterflies

Bybusydad99   06/05/2013

I would recommend Blue Skies and Butterflies to everyone in the Beaverton area who has young children.  Not only is the staff very friendly but my two kids seem to be very happy there.  They have the most beautiful grounds, it almost feels like a park.  There are always birds singing when I drop my kids off and I really like that.  There is also several play areas and one is covered.  There is also a lot of grass and natural areas for the kids to play and explore.  This is a great center and you should check it out.


Best Center In Town

By:   BusyDad1  Sep 16, 2010

My two kid’s have been at Blue Skies and Butterflies for over a year and a half and it has been the best experience I’ve had with child care. My children are always happy and don’t want to leave when I come to pick them up. They have a wonderful staff who have been there for a while now and they all seem to work well together. The center is in a nice quiet neighborhood and there are lots of trees and grass on their property. My kids enjoy being outside and Blue Skies has a big covered play area for the winter months. They seem to get a lot of excercise during the day and I like that a lot. You should visit this center to judge for yourself. My wife and I really love it and wouldn’t take our kids anywhere else.‎

My son has been with BSB since he was two years old

By: Richard – Sep 15, 2010

My son has been with BSB since he was two years old. He is now almost five and BSB has been a blessing in disguise for our family.  Since our Son has started going there, our son has exceeded the doctor’s expectations on education & motor skills. For the past two yearly checkups our family Doctor said that he is above and beyond where we would expect him to be for his age. On our last 4 year old check up, the doctor said that he was already at kindergarten level for education and motor function. I was very pleased to hear this as my wife and I are very busy and cannot contribute as much as we would like to our sons education. His development thus far is purely from the teachings of the staff at BSB, and we cannot express our gratitude enough. The Staff at BSB are always friendly to both of us, and show genuine care toward our sons experiences and education. The facilities are top notch compared to most other daycares I have seen, and the park like play area is a great place for the children to play. In addition they have a nice covered area outside for playing when it is a rainy day. This was important to us as our son always wants to be outside having fun. In addition to their facilities, BSB has had many fun activities for the kids. I was and still am impressed with the level of activities they have. My son’s favorite is the Tumble Bus that comes every Friday (ask about it!). Trips to the zoo, Fire Department visits, Children’s theatre visits and petting zoo visits, all sorts of fun that my son tells me about! I cannot say thank you enough to the director and staff of BSB for making my Sons schooling experience a positive one, not many kids say they want to go to school, but mine does.

Experienced and loving staff, fantastic rooms and outdoor settings

By:  swpdxveg  03/09/2008

Blue Skies is one of a kind. My family is so blessed to find this wonderful daycare for our 3 year old and infant. We have had a couple of daycare experiences including a locally owned and nationally owned facility and this place is finally our home because of the caring staff and creative environment. The cottage infant/wobbler facility is an adorable separate building with wonderful natural light, creative toys and plenty of interesting niches to explore. The cottage staff is knowledgeable about RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) which we were looking for as it has been an approach for raising confident and peaceful infants since the ’70s. The preschool room and pre-k/kindergarten room include play areas with natural materials (wood, cloth, books, puppets, art materials, kitchen stuff, etc.). The staff’s calm approach along with the outdoor play times (ALL YEAR LONG) create a healthy, learning environment. We (parents) provide the food which I think is great as I know exactly what our children are served. Everyone is unique and bringing your own food is an excellent way of showing this.


Serendipity for our family!

By:  Georgie1969  02/12/2008

For many years I drove past Blue Skies and Butterfiles on my way to work and I thought ‘what a quaint and charming school, I wish my daughter went to school there and could be so close to where I work’. Blue Skies is nestled beneath giant evergreens, with a covered play area (perfect for the Northwest), an outdoor playground and sweet gardens with a main building and “cottage”. I thought for sure this jewel of Beaverton was unattainable for our family….but one day I ventured in. I met with Richa (the school’s director and owner) and talked with her about my daughter and our needs for daycare and schooling. What a fortunate meeting! After our meeting, Richa phoned us and stated her desire for our daughter (Kenzie) to become a part of the Blue Skies family. We discussed tuition…VERY reasonable…but I was unsure of pulling my daughter out of her current program. Richa asked that I bring Kenzie by for a 2 hour “let’s have her here and see how she likes it” kind of deal. Well, I brought my daughter to the school and 2 hours later when I picked her up, the decision had been made…Blue Skies became my daughter’s new school. Kenzie has been attending Blue Skies for the past 2 1/2 years and our family could not be more happy or satisfied, so much so that this year we opted to keep her at the school for private Kindergarten rather than “reap” the financial benefit of not having to pay for her Pre-K year. This is a school that is vested in your child, that wants to see your child excel, that offers love, support and commitment to what you cherish most…your child. I am thankful everyday I ventured into this quaint little school on Davis Street……I hope you do the same.


Great outdoor play areas, rain or shine!

By:   mzalicia  07/30/2007

My son has been attending preschool at Blue Skies and Butterflies for 10 months now and we are really happy! The facilities where what peaked my interested, a huge outdoor covered play structure so that kids can be kids, rain or shine! During the warmer months, there are lawns, gardens, a playground, and tire swings. The learning is very age appropriate, two big open preschool rooms are well set up and encourage learning through play. The staff is very approachable and easy to talk to. I love that the school does not provide snacks and lunch, allowing me to control what my son eats – a blessing for the mother of a picky eater! I highly recommend Blue Skies and Butterflies.


Coolest place in Beaverton – Lot’s of shade!!

By:  dacount   07/25/2007

My son, Louie, started attending Blue Skies & Butterflies almost two years ago beginning in the Cottage with the other little ones. He loved the cottage and upon moving down with the bigger kids, still wanted at the end of everyday to go say goodbye to everyone up at the cottage; I really thought this might go on forever. What an attachment to all he touches at this wonderful setting. With covered play areas and plenty of shade, I can’t think of a better place for my kid to get fresh air in a disciplined yet very ‘encouraging for growth’ environment. I’m grateful to all the staff for their concerns and knowledge of what’s best for our children.


Very good preschool for my child. Has great staff, awesome surroundings, & Nature galore.

By:  zrick  07/22/2007

My daughter has enjoyed going there. The staff encourages her creativity, and also has a good structured curriculum. Great outdoors! Organic gardening, blackberry picking. Huge covered play area, that was great for playing outdoors even in rainy weather. Would recommend it.


Fantastic Staff!

By jdsteinert  07/25/2007

Our son has been attending since November and has been thriving! The staff has been fantastic and Richa has been a real pleasure to deal with. The atmosphere is very nurturing and we have always felt that our son is in a place where he gets plenty of attention and is not lost in the mix. The small number of children in the infant and toddler cottage means that things are never too insane. We are grateful for the wonderful care that our son has received.